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Inclinometer NECLI
The NECLI Inclinometer is suitable for fast and easy measurements, i.e. of vertical angles (rising and falling lines of sight), i.a. for the determination of heights of trees and buildings, for the determination of vertical angles and...
€850.85 *
Orientation Compass CONAT
With fluid damping for orientation on the field. The mirror automatically pops up when you open it, so you can aim and watch the compass box. All details are in long luminescent color. Included is a leather bag. Product Information: -...
€207.06 *
Geological Compass COSTU
This compass is excellent for all simple and geological recordings. The built-in compass mirror for sighting simplifies the application. Included is a leather bag. Product Information: - Material: Alloy - Pitch Diameter: 40 mm -...
€247.52 *
Fabric Bag for NECLI
Fits the NECLI is the dark blue fabric bag with belt loop. Product Information: - Material: Synthetic Cloth - Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 6 cm - Weight: 0.050 kg
€21.30 *
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