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Lagerbuch - Sprengmittel
Das Verzeichnis/Register zur Bestandsführung von explosionsgefährlichen Stoffen. Produktinformationen: - Einband: schmutzabweisend kaschiert - Abmessungen: 32,0 x 29,7 cm - Seitenzahl: 35 - Gewicht: 0,400 kg
€29.51 *
Brazen Cartridge Remover
The cartridge remover is used to pull out the jammed cartridges in a bore hole. With the supplied brass screw 001050 he can effortlessly on a light metal pole 001040-. or 001140-. be screwed on. Product Information: - Material: brass -...
€87.23 *
Aluminum Loading Pole 24 mm Ø with Brass Screw...
The aluminum loading pole with brass screw coupling on both sides is used to insert explosive cartridges or to control borehole depths. Product Information: - Material: aluminum, brass - Outer diameter: 24 mm - Outer diameter screw...
From €42.72 *
Cartridge remover for 1244/1245
The cartridge remover can be screwed onto the plastic load poles 001244 and 001245 in order to be able to pull out cartridges that are stuck in the borehole. Product Information: - Material: Brass - Diameter: 35 mm - Length: 320 mm -...
€116.62 *
Copper mandrel
The copper mandrel is used to pierce cartridges to create a hole for attaching the detonating cord. With the ergonomic plastic handle, the mandrel lies safe in the hand. Product Information (003049): - Material: copper, plastic - Thorn...
From €15.35 *
Brass Screw Coupling
For connecting loading poles 001040- or 001140- or for fixing the hardwood inserts 50 mm Ø 001061 and 60 mm Ø 001062. In addition, the cartridge retriver 001064 can be attached to the loading stick with this screw coupling. The coupling...
€28.44 *
Brass Mandrel
The brass mandrel is used to pierce cartridges to create a hole for attaching the detonating cord. With the ergonomic plastic handle, the mandrel lies securely in the hand. Product Information: - Material: brass, plastic - Thorn...
From €16.54 *
Spacers-Cardboard Tubes Ø 24 mm, 50 Pieces
A cardboard tube which serves to extend the charge column when blasting with small caliber explosive cartridges. Product information: - Material: cardboard box - Inner diameter: 20 mm - Outside diameter: 24 mm - Length: 100 mm - Weight...
Content 50
From €11.25 *
Aluminum Loading Poles 24 mm Ø, different lengths
The loading pole has hardwood inserts on both sides with 25 mm Ø (1060). Product information: - Outer diameter: 24 mm - Wall thickness: 2 mm - Material: aluminum, beech wood
From €10.12 *
Hand Reel with Measuring Leash an 500 g Plumb
The convenient hand reel with a measuring line with 500 g plumb allows a quick measurement of the drill holes. By winding the measuring line on the unwinding, there is no more knotted and entangled line. A parking brake prevents...
From €100.67 *
Brass Plumb
Brass Plumb
The brass plumb, which consists of solid material, is excellently suitable for testing and measuring the charging station. Product Information 100 g Plumb: - Material: full brass - Diameter: 12 mm - Length: 115 mm Product Information 200...
From €10.95 *
Case Lock DIN Right
The LHS-Ri-SUPRA lock case lock is manufactured according to the German PTZ standard 7231.00 and comes with 2 keys. These locks may only be used in combination with hardened lock plate, counter plate and locking bracket (Art.-No .:...
From €630.70 *
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