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Extension Wire ST VVS duplex (Steel), Different...
The extension wire has a durable and flexible insulation and is tested by the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM). According to the requirements of ignition systems, our extension wires meet very high standards due...
Content 100 meter
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Digital Ohmmeter EBBODIG 2
Even the ignition circuit resistances against the area (shunt) can be measured with the ohmmeter EBBODIG 2. The selection of the measuring range will be automatically chosen depending on the outer resistance. Basically, you can use this...
€963.90 *
Box for Wire Rings
With this plastic box, 100 m wire rings such the article 002010 can be easily unwind. The box can be attached to a belt, for example, with the snap hook. Product Information: Material: plastic Colour: black Weight: 0.230 kg Delivery...
€24.87 *
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