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Car Hood Ornament Hammer and Chisel
The beautiful car hood emblem is made of stainless steel die cast zinc for vehicles. The hard chromed and polished car hood emblem can be attached by a long screw or by the back adhesive surface. Product Information: - Material: Die-Cast...
From €12.97 *
Kugelschreiber Glück Auf!
Ball Pen Glück Auf!
On the high-quality pen are beautiful details attached such as the traditional greeting of the German miners "Glück Auf". Product Information: - Color Ink: Blue - Length: 13.5 cm - Weight: 0.050 kg
From €2.68 *
Lore auf Schiene
Tipper on Rail
On the front and back of the tipper is the symbol "Hammer and Chisel". The tipper comes in a gift box. Product Information: - Material: Brass Antique - Dimension: 9.0 x 5.5 x 6.5 cm - Weight: 0.400 kg
€29.99 *
Koppel Gürtel mit Schloss S+E, schmal, messingfarbig
Belt with Hammer and Chisel Buckle, Slim, Brass...
The leather belt fits in almost every pair of trousers and can be shortened to the appropriate length and infinitely adjusted at the special buckle. Product Information (GE2524-1): - Material Belt: Leather - Color Lock: Brass - Width:...
From €27.73 *
Knautschfigur, Bergmann Bert
Squeezy, Miner Bert
The funny squeezy figure Bert helps you to reduce stress. The miner wears a traditional GERMAN miners uniform “Steiger” and carries the typical equipment of a miner. Just squeeze it to relieve stress. Due to the nature of the material,...
From €6.66 *
Spieluhr "Steigerlied"
Music Box "The Steigerlied"
The small music box has a crank mechanism with 18 tones and plays the melody: The Steigerlied (German Mining Song). Product Information: - Dimension: 6.0 x 4.5 x 3.0 cm - Motive: hammer and chisel, song lyrics - Color: black - Weight: 50 g
From €7.85 *
GE8888 1
Gift packaging
Have your gift wrapped directly by us. We offer the service of gift wrapping for most of our articles. Gift wrapping includes the following: - Gift wrapping to match the item - Gift ribbon You can inform us of any wishes via the field...
€3.99 *
GE9999 1
Greeting card
Would you like to enclose a greeting card with the item? We offer this service for most of our articles. You can use the field "Text for greeting card:" or the comment in the shopping card to tell us the text you would like.
€2.98 *
German Hammer Walking Stick
The Hammer from the Siegerland, also called in German "Siegerländer Reisehäckel" or "Steigerstock", is a walking stick that is usually carried by supervisors in mining for festive occasions or mountain parades. Product Information: -...
€49.86 *
Leather Wallet
The leather wallet with the gold symbol "Hammer and Chisel" contains 14 different compartments (two for bills, two for small change with a button and 10 more for bank cards, ID, driver's license and similar). Product Information: -...
From €18.80 *
Gift Set Letter Opener, Pen in Gift Box
A useful gift to everyones liking is our gift set with a letter opener and a pen. The letter opener modeled on a hammer from the Siegerland is brass colored and decorated several times with a "Hammer and Chisel". On the high-quality pen...
From €14.99 *
Belt with Hammer and Chisel Buckle, Wide, Brass...
The leather belt belt fits in almost every pants and on the lock is the beautiful mining symbol "Hammer and Chisel". The waist size is staggered in 5 cm increments and can not be shortened later. The belt length is to be indicated with...
€45.70 *
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