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005485 1 Blasting Protection Mat Dynastat UV
The mat is as light as a feather, antistatic and resistant to UV. The mat works with the balloon effect, the shockwave lifts the mat, the gases will leak through the mat and the grit will be caught softly. The correct calculated loading...
Content 112 Quadratmeter (€5.74 * / 1 Quadratmeter)
€642.64 *
004030 Hand Operated Siren
Regardless of energy sources. The operation can be done easily by one person. The full volume is reached after just a few turns of the hand crank and minimal effort. By turning the handle, flaps can be opened and closed, which can vary...
€377.00 *
004144 Megaphone
The ideal tool if an announcement is to reach a large crowd. The megaphone can be used as a shoulder or handheld device. A siren function attracts the attention of the audience. With the recording function, it is possible to record for...
€114.84 *
004202 Plastic Whistle
With the shrill whistle, you have the opportunity to give a loud signal regardless of the availability of electricity or compressed air. Product Information: - Color: Black - Material: Plastic - Weight: 9 kg
€5.80 *
004203 Chain for Whistles
Small chain for whistles that are nickel plated, with a snap hook and have a leather flap. The nickel-plated 300 mm chain with snap hook and leather plate is perfect for attaching shrill pipes. Product information: - Material: Metal,...
€4.81 *
004212 Whistle, Colored Plastic
With this shrill whistle, each security guard and helper is equipped with an effective signaling device. Product Information: - Colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Black (subject to availability) - Material: Plastic - Weight: 10 g
€1.74 *
006015 Warning Light, ADR
Made with an impact-resistant plastic housing in orange, the hazard warning light is splash-proof and dust-proof to IP 54 protection. It is equipped with an effective yellow flashing light and additional work light. It is functionally...
€46.28 *
006086 Light Stick, Green
The optimal light source without fire, heat and electricity are the light sticks. Non-hazardous, usable anywhere, anytime, perfect for change signals, discharge points and hazard identification. In addition, the light stick is the ideal...
From €3.25 *
006282 Smoke Signal Lueftax AX18 Grey/White
Smoke cartridges Lüftax AX18 are very easy to handle. The smoke cartridges are very productive of dense, lifelike, yet low-odor smoke. Lüftax AX18 is characterized by the fact that it is free of sulfur, chlorine and oil. In addition,...
Content 5 pcs
€15.31 *
007151 Barrier Tape Red/White 8 cm, 500 m
Barrier tape in dispenser, extremely tear-proof. Particularly suitable for temporary barriers that need to be set up quickly e.g. in construction, for sports events, on parking lots, etc.. Environmentally friendly, made of chlorine- and...
Content 500 meter
From €12.01 *
007154 Faltsignal Sprengarbeiten
Das 3-seitig mit Achtungszeichen (VZ Nr. 101) und Text "SPRENGARBEITEN" bedruckte Faltsignal, dient zur Absicherung von Baustellen, Vermessungsarbeiten und zum Hinweis auf Gefahrensituationen aller Art. Das Gestell aus eloxiertem...
€252.88 *
006283 Smoke signal Uebax AX60
It is the nature of the Übax AX60 smoke cartridges similar to the Lüftax AX18, only with a longer duration of action. They produce a dense, odorless smoke and are free of sulfur, chlorine and oil. The heat development is low. For metals,...
Content 5 pcs
€29.93 *
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