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005018 WindGard
Protect your staff with WindGard against colds and ice cold ears! No expensive working hours are lost due to sickness! Seals every helmet hermetical against wind and coldness. Gives the helmet a secure fit and prevents slipping in strong...
€9.74 *
005120 Capsule Ear Protector Bilsom Viking V1
According to EN 352-1. All-purpose capsule suitable for daily use. It’s helpful by all kind of noises form the industrial and commercial and provides a remarkable wearing comfort. Product Information: - Material: Plastic - Weight: 0.165 kg
€15.66 *
EAR Earplugs EAR Earplugs
Earplugs according to EN 352-2. The comfortable and safe way to be protected against noise. Several times usable. Value of acoustic insulation by 45 dB (A) by a frequencies of 4000 Hz. Pocket sized boxes with 10 plugs. Product...
Content 10 pcs
From €2.26 *
005162 Safety glasses Modell 511
The straps of the monoglass glasses are adjustable in length and inclination and have an integrated side guard. In addition, the discs are scratch-resistant. The glasses comply with the requirements of standard EN166, 175. Product...
€9.98 *
005168 Safety glasses PVC
Very high wearing comfort made of clear PVC glasses with wide field of vision. An elastic, adjustable headband, indirect airing and a clear visor with anti-fog function ensure safe and comfortable working. Product Information: -...
€12.99 *
005262 Earplugs Spender with 800 Pieces Earplugs Bilsom 303L
The device is already completely equipped with 800 pieces of the ear plugs Bilsom 303L (005267). Supports the use of hearing protectors. Mounted on the wall, the dispenser ensures constant grip. By turning the pegs fall practically on...
Content 800 pcs
€91.64 *
005267 Ear Plugs Refill Pack with 400 Pieces Bilsom 303L
The ear plugs 303L are strong repressing foam plugs with optimised restorable abilitys. They are easy to use, conical shaped for a safe and nonslip fit. The refill pack consists of a bag of 400 pieces Bilsom 303L. Product Information: -...
Content 400 pcs
€32.36 *
005123 Earmuffs Thunder T2H
Lockable in three postitons: Use, folded down for standby and folded on the helmet as a rest position. Spacious shells provide plenty of room for the ears. The earmuffs provide safe protection with the best wearing properties and comply...
€19.89 *
005142 Adapter for Safety Helmet Schuberth/Ear Protection
The adapter for safety helmet Schuberth with double slot is ideal for attaching earmuffs to the helmet. Product Information: - Suitable for safety helmet Schuberth with double slot - Material: Plastic - Weight: 60 g
€5.39 *
005177 1 Sound Level Meter
The sound level meter with accuracy class 2 is ideal for documenting noise. The measured value display with additional BarGraph display is always easy to read thanks to its LCD backlight. Many practical functions and the one-hand...
€168.20 *
005245 Work Gloves Thermo, Size 11
These work gloves have very good insulation against the cold. Thanks to the nitrile coating on the palm, the gloves offer a secure grip. Moreover the gloves are partially water repellent. Product Information: - Coating: Nitrile (Palm,...
€4.23 *
005009-1 Safety Helmet Schuberth
This helmet can be infinitely adjusted via a twist lock exactly to the head circumference of its wearer. It offers a high level of comfort, a secure fit and the deep-drawn neck part a large protective area. The 16 mm slot allows to...
€14.96 *
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