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Keychain with trolley coin Hammer and Chisel
The practical keychain with trolley coin with motive Hammer and Chisel. Product Information: - Material: Metal - Length: 7.5 cm - Weight: 0.020 kg
From €4.28 *
Key Ring Miniature Pit Lamp
The miniature miner's lamp is characterized by many beautiful details. The miniature lamp comes in a gift box. Product Information: - Height: 3.5 cm - Weight: 0.040 kg
From €8.09 *
PIN Hammer and Chisel
A nice pin badge with "Hammer and Chisel" for attaching clothes, and other textiles. Product Information: - Color: Silver - Dimensions: 19 x 22 mm - Weight: 0.005 kg
From €2.86 *
Key Fob Miniature Mining Car
Beautiful key fob which is also an ideal gift. The wheels of the lore can be turned. Product Information: - Material: Brass - Dimensions: 4.0 x 3.0 x 3.5 cm - Weight: 0.060 kg
From €7.50 *
Necklace Hammer and Chisel
The elegant Venetian necklace with a pendant "Hammer and Chisel" symbol comes in a plastic case. Product Information: - Material: Sterling Silver 925 - Dimensions Pendant: 2.2 x 2.2 cm - Chain Length: 45 cm - Weight: 0.020 kg
€42.84 *
Earring Hammer and Chisel
The fine earring pair with a "Hammer and Chisel" symbol comes in a elegant plastic case. Product Information: - Material: Sterling Silver 925 - Dimensions: 1.5 x 1.5 cm - Weight: 0.020 kg
€55.93 *
Key Ring Hammer and Chisel
The fine and polished key chain with the mining symbol "Hammer and Chisel" is perfect as a gift. Product Information: - Measure Hammer and Chisel: 2 x 2 cm - Overall Length: 8 cm - Color: Brass Colors - Weight: 0.005 kg
From €3.15 *
GE8888 1
Gift packaging
Have your gift wrapped directly by us. We offer the service of gift wrapping for most of our articles. Gift wrapping includes the following: - Gift wrapping to match the item - Gift ribbon You can inform us of any wishes via the field...
€3.99 *
GE9999 1
Greeting card
Would you like to enclose a greeting card with the item? We offer this service for most of our articles. You can use the field "Text for greeting card:" or the comment in the shopping card to tell us the text you would like.
€2.98 *
Pin Hammer and Chisel
The plastically embossed and gold anodized pin with the emblem "Hammer and Chisel". Product Information: - Dimensions "Hammer and Chisel": 1.4 x 1.4 cm - Length Pin: 4.2 cm - Weight: 0.010 kg
From €2.98 *
Taschenmesser, Messer Schlägel und Eisen Glück Auf
Pocket knife Hammer and Chisel
The mini pocket knife has a chain with key ring and can be used as a key chain. The freatures such as scissors, knife, file, toothpick and tweezers are always helpful for you. The claret-colored plastic shell is decorated with a silver...
From €5.12 *
Tie Clip Hammer and Chisel
The tie clip is a very beautiful and elegant accessory with a high quality processed emblem "Hammer and Chisel" and comes in a nice plastic case. Product Information: - Length: 5.7 cm - Color: Silver - Weight: 0.010 kg
€17.85 *
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