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Einfachzange Schneidklemmenzange für Scotchlok-Verbinder
Pliers for Scotchlok Connectors
Specifically designed for loose Scotchlok UR2 connectors, the pliers are robust and have an insulated handle and opening spring. The slim and slightly curved handles make it comfortable to hold. In addition, it has an integrated side...
€34.75 *
Detonator Cap Crimping Pliers, Adjustable
The safety pliers allow a fourfold crimping of the detonator caps. With the supplied key for adjusting the stop screw, the depth of the insertion can be regulated. Product Information: - Material: steel, plastic - Diameter of crimping:...
€592.62 *
Replacement Blade for Fuse Scissors
Here you will find the right replacement blade for our fuse-scissors. Product Information: - Material: steel - Dimensions: 8 x 2 x 0.3 cm - Weight: 0.025 kg
€13.21 *
Detonator Cap Crimping Pliers
The solid pliers have a hole with 5 mm diameters for crimping of detonator caps. In addition, a fuse cord cutter with 10 mm diameter is integrated. Product Information: - Material: steel - Diameter of Crimping: 5.0 mm - Dimensions: 16 x...
€92.70 *
Wire Stripper, Automatic
The wire stripper with fully automatic adjustment of the cutting depth makes it possible to adjust the length stop from 5-12 mm. This guarantees a precise and fast stripping of conductors and strands of 0.2-6.0 mm². An additional...
€34.99 *
Zündschnurschere, Gartenschere, Löwe-Schere, Sprengschnurschere
Fuse Scissors
This scissors is perfect for clean and straight cutting of fuses. A positive aspect of the scissors is that you can replace the blunt blade. Product Information: - Material: steel - Dimensions: 19.5 x 4.5 x 2.0 cm - Blade Length: 4.0 cm...
From €41.29 *
003009 1
Leatherman SUPER TOOL 300 EOD
This multi-function tool has numerous features, including a special crimping tool for blasting caps with strong wire cutters. It is a tool for everyday life, with some uncommon functions. Including the delivery is the Nylon-Holster in...
€141.61 *
003203-1 003203-2
Wire Stripping Pliers 160 mm
This pliers are suitable for cables and strands up to 5 mm in diameter. The adjusting screw is used to adjust the cable diameter and also has a spring that allows comfortable working. Product Information (003203-1): - Material: Steel,...
From €22.37 *
Special Crimper
For safely crimping of solderless cable connectors and cable lugs. It crimps evenly. The pliers enable a secure squeezing of solderless cable connectors and cable lugs. Product Information: - Weight: 0.520 kg
€96.63 *
Scotchlok Magazine Pliers
These pliers are fitting for 10-magazine with scotchlok UR2-M- connectors (002240). The handling is very simple - just put the magazine in the pliers. No more picking up every single scotchlok-connector! They are perfect for faster...
€259.42 *
Sprengkapsel Würgezange Anwürgezange Crimper Pionier
Detonator Cap Crimping Pliers Pionier
The very stable military version with integrated safety funnel allows a triple crimping of detonator caps No. 8, rifles with aluminum sleeve or aluminum caps on a detonating cord. Product Information: - Material: steel - Diameter...
€385.56 *
Flat Nose Pliers 160 mm
The sturdy and handy pliers made in Germany have insulated handles made of plastic for comfortable working. Product Information: - Material: steel, plastic - Certified: DIN ISO 5745 - Lenght: 160 mm - Weight: 0.180 kg
€19.87 *
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