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003137 Precision Screwdriver Set 21 Components
The screwdriver set comes in an orange plastic container with transparent cover. The box is space-saving and stores the set in an orderly manner. The set consists of 21 parts. 5 Open-end Wrenches 4-6 mm 5 Nut Wrenches 3-5 mm 3 Hex Wrench...
€9.16 *
680222 Mag-Lite LCL-3
The housing is made of aviation aluminum and is splash-proof. A replacement bulb in the cap and a switch with self-cleaning contacts are quality features of the MAG-LITE. The reflector ensures exceptionally high and uniform luminosity...
€38.86 *
680270 Mag-Lite attachment clips, set
The mounting clip allows the Mag Lite ML and D-Cell flashlights to be mounted in vehicles or other locations. So you have your flashlight always safely stowed and handy. Product Information: - Color: Black - Set consisting of 2 clips...
€6.61 *
004105-1 Plastic Signal Horn 37 cm, black
Horn made of durable and hit-resitant plastic. The sound emitted is loud and is also perceived remotely. Product Information: - Material: Plastic - Colouer: black - Length: 37 cm - Weight: 0.120 kg
€33.29 *
003364-1 Maxi Hand Reel, B-Stock
Through the handle shell and the crank, the core can be rotated easily and quickly. It can be used to unwind measuring lines or as a cable drum for the ignition cable. The plastic is elastic and impact resistant. Inclusive three key...
€17.17 *
007004-1 WS Vorsicht Explosivstoffe 25 x 35 cm
Ein Druckfehler im Text ist durch einen Aufkleber ausgebessert. Produktinformationen: - Art: Warnschild - Material: Aluminium - Abmessungen: 25 x 35 cm - Ausführung: bedruckt - Lochung: ja - Gewicht: 0,110 kg
€11.02 *
007080-1 WS Kombischild: Betreten des Geländes verboten B-Ware
Beschädigung: teilweise zerkratzt, Ecken teilweise leicht eingedrückt Produktinformationen: - Art: Warnschild (Kombischild) - Material: Aluminium - Abmessungen: 50 x 80 cm - Ausführung: bedruckt - Lochung: ja - Gewicht: 0,900 kg
€22.04 *
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