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Brass Mandrel
The brass mandrel is used to pierce cartridges to create a hole for attaching the detonating cord. With the ergonomic plastic handle, the mandrel lies securely in the hand. Product Information: - Material: brass, plastic - Thorn...
From €16.54 *
Precision Screwdriver Set 21 Components
The screwdriver set comes in an orange plastic container with transparent cover. The box is space-saving and stores the set in an orderly manner. The set consists of 21 parts. 5 Open-end Wrenches 4-6 mm 5 Nut Wrenches 3-5 mm 3 Hex Wrench...
€9.40 *
WS Vorsicht Explosivstoffe 25 x 35 cm
WS Vorsicht Explosivstoffe 25 x 35 cm
Ein Druckfehler im Text ist durch einen Aufkleber ausgebessert. Produktinformationen: - Art: Warnschild - Material: Aluminium - Abmessungen: 25 x 35 cm - Ausführung: bedruckt - Lochung: ja - Gewicht: 0,110 kg
€11.31 *
Mag-Lite LCL-3
The housing is made of aviation aluminum and is splash-proof. A replacement bulb in the cap and a switch with self-cleaning contacts are quality features of the MAG-LITE. The reflector ensures exceptionally high and uniform luminosity...
€39.87 *
Starkton-Schrillpfeife aus Messing
Whistle, brass
The whistle with a shrilling ball is made of nickel-plated brass. Product Description: - Material: Brass, Nickel-Plated - Length: 45 mm - Weight: 0,037 kg
€7.74 *
Ranging Rod Aluminium 25 mm Ø
A massive, heavy tip makes it easy to attach even in hard ground. The rod is pluggable and has a weatherproof fluorescent paint coating. Product Information: - Can be dismantled into 2 parts - Material: Aluminum, PVC Sheathing about 1 mm...
€43.67 *
Schutzbrille Millennia
Safety Glasses Millennia
The safety glasses Millennia combines sporty design and effective protection of the eyes. Product Information: - Material: glasses - polycarbonate, frame - nylon - Size: One Size - inclusive adjustable, flexible headband - UV-protection...
€13.69 *
Kapsel-Gehörschützer Bilsom Viking V3
Capsule Ear Protector Bilsom Viking V3
The Bilsom Viking V3 is an earmuff for everyday use. It copes with virtually all noise situations in industry and trade and offers an exceptionally good wearing comfort. The universal bracket can be placed in three different postitons,...
€25.23 *
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