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007096 Marking Handle for trig-a-cup extra ®
Marking handle for marking spray trig-a-cup extra ®for exact marking of long lines and bows. Solid and handy for longer and effortless marking without bending. Activate the spraying valve by pulling the lever. Area of application: - road...
€55.93 *
Barrier Tape Red/White 8 cm, 500 m Barrier Tape Red/White 8 cm, 500 m
Barrier tape in dispenser, extremely tear-proof. Particularly suitable for temporary barriers that need to be set up quickly e.g. in construction, for sports events, on parking lots, etc.. Environmentally friendly, made of chlorine- and...
Content 500 meter
From €12.97 *
007094-1 Marking spray trig-a-cap extra ®
Clearly visible, fast and professional marking. Approved by: - blasting operations, marking of the intended and finished boreholes - asphalting - for preservation of evidence by accidents - and many other subjects Advantages: -...
Content 12 can/s
€76.16 *
007097-1 3D-Marking Tiger-Mark
The simple, inexpensive and reusable Tiger-Mark is already visible at long distances and conspicuous by bright and fluorescent colors. For the 3D marking of boreholes and measuring points. With a nail, the mark can be fixed even in...
Content 100 pcs
€20.23 *
007098-1 Marking Flags Flag-Mark
Already at long distances Flag Mark is visible through its bright and fluorescent color. It also convinces by the fact that it starts to flutter even in light wind. In addition it is weather-resistant, multiple times reusable and easy to...
Content 100 pcs
€46.05 *
007085 Chalk Marker White
With this water-based liquid chalk your signs can be well labeled. The chalk is wet wipeable from almost all surfaces. In addition to signs can also be labeled windows and glass. Product Information: - Colour: White - Pen Tip Shape:...
€4.52 *
007088-1 Permanent Marker
To label your signs, the permanent marker with paint-like ink is ideal. The ink is smudge-proof, waterproof, light resistant and heat resistant. Product Information (007088): - Colour: White - Pen Tip Shape: Round - Line: 2-4 mm -...
€4.46 *
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