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Zaungitterbefestigung für Schilder
Fence Fixture for Signs, Set of 2
For fastening signs to a double bar fence, lattice fence or construction fence. Set consisting of 2 corner lug sets, 2 carriage bolts M 8x25 made of V2A and 2 hexagon nuts M8 made of V2A. Product Information: - Material: Hot-Galvanized...
€16.78 *
Foot Plate K1, 30 kg
With the foot plate made of recycled plastic, scraper fences and other barriers always have a firm hold. The beacon foot complies with safety class K1. Features: - ergonomic carrying handles on the side - stable due to anti-slip system -...
€58.55 *
Galvanized Square Tube, 40 x 40 mm
Together with a base plate and clamps, the square tube allows variable use of signs and labeling. The square tube has been tested in accordance with the TL installation device. Product Information (007850-1): - Material: Galvanized Steel...
From €39.98 *
Cable Ties Fischer, Various Sizes, Black,100...
Firm cable ties of the Fischer brand for bundling cables and wires. Product Information (003990-1): - Width: 2.5 mm - Length: 100 mm - Special Features: UV Stabilized - Color: Black - Weight: 0,030 kg Product Information (003990-2): -...
Content 100 pcs
From €2.02 *
007810-1 2
Tubular Post, Hot-Galvanized Steel, Diameter 60 mm
Signage is particularly easy to mount with a tubular post. The signs are attached to the tubular post using various support systems (pipe clamp, reinforcement plate). Depending on the subsurface, we recommend using the supplied ground...
From €109.48 *
007815-1 1
Ground socket for tubular posts
The ground socket is suitable for tubular posts with a diameter of 60 mm. Thanks to the ground socket, the tubular post can be removed quickly. As a result, this type of fastening is particularly suitable in areas where frequently...
€84.01 *
007830-1 1
Pipe Clamps, Diameter 60 mm
Pipe clamps for attaching signs to a round post with a diameter of 60 mm. The distance between the holes is to be selected to match the size of the sign. Product Information (007830-1): - Material: Fire-sealed Galvanized Steel -...
From €10.71 *
Reinforcement Plate 2 mm for Signs
For mounting on a tubular post, the thickness of a sign should be at least 2 mm. Aluminum signs usually have a maximum thickness of 1 mm. Therefore we recommend using a reinforcement plate when attaching signs. The sign can be glued or...
From €24.75 *
Plastic Clamp, White
With the clamp, signs can be attached to a square tube as well as to a shaft tube. Two eyelets on the side can be used to hang barriers. Note: Two clamps are required to mount a sign. Product Information: - Material: Plastic - Color:...
€13.21 *
Adhesive Pads, Set of 4
Adhesive pads for attaching signs to even, grease-free and clean surfaces. Allows attachment without drilling. Product Information: - Material: PE Foam - Diameter: 30 mm - Double-Sided, Strongly Adhesive - Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor...
Content 4
€1.90 *
Mounting set for Signs 50 x 80 cm
Signage with a dimension of 50 x 80 cm is particularly easy to mount with this set. The signs are attached to the tubular post using the pipe clamp and reinforcement plate. Depending on the subsurface, we recommend using the supplied...
€202.18 *
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