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002055 Aluminum Caps for Detonating Cord 12 g/m
With the aluminum caps, detonating cord ends can be securely and tightly closed. Product Information: - Material: aluminum - Diameter: 6 mm - Weight per unit: 0.025 kg
Content 100 pcs
€9.76 *
002058 Copper Caps for Detonating Cord 100 g/m
Close your detonating cord ends reliably and tightly with our caps made of copper. Product Information: - Material: copper - Weight per unit: 0.348 kg
Content 100 pcs
€19.75 *
003354 Empty Hand Reel
The convenient hand reel is perfect for holding the measuring leash with 30 m or 50 m. No longer knotted and entangled leash, with this reel a simple and fast operation and the ability to work with parking brake will be ensured. Among...
€21.42 *
003364 Maxi Hand Reel
Through the handle shell and the crank, the core can be rotated easily and quickly. It can be used to unwind measuring lines or as a cable drum for the ignition cable. The plastic is elastic and impact resistant. Inclusive three key...
€23.44 *
002020 Cable Drum
A robust cable drum made of sheet steel with an orange polyester resin coating and two connection clamps. Depending on the design, up to 600 m of blasting wire can fit on the cable drum. The scope of delivery includes 1 m connection...
From €116.62 *
002020-1 Cable Drum with Blasting Wire, mounted
A stable cable drum with a diameter of 30 cm made of sheet steel with an orange polyester resin coating and two insulated connection terminals. The scope of delivery includes a 1 m long connection cable with cable lugs 002125. This...
From €243.95 *
001177 1 Detonating Cord Dispenser
The detonating cord dispenser is the perfect tool for unwinding detonating cord spools comfortable . Almost all common detonating cord reels fits on it. Four adjustable spikes at the bottom ensure a firm stand on loose ground. More...
€221.34 *
002157 Flexible Endcaps for detonating cord
With the plastic caps, open detonating cord ends can be sealed. This reliably prevents explosives from trickling out of the ends. The plastic used is very elastic, has high quality and electrostatic properties. Due to their elasticity,...
From €18.92 *
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