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Digital Ohmmeter ZEB/DZ 3, firedamp-proof
The ohmmeter ZEB/DZ 3 is a device for measuring circuit resistance of separate bridge detonators and complete laid ignition circuits. The measurement will start automatically by connecting the wires of the ignition circuit with the...
€880.60 *
Digital Ohmmeter DIGOHM
The ignition circuit tester Type DIGOHM is a very robust, handy and waterproofed measuring instrument especially developed for the rough blasting environment. In an impact-resistant, shatter proofed and antistatic plastic case the whole...
€1,055.53 *
Leather bag for ZEB/DZ 3
The fitting leather bag for the ohmmeter ZEB/DZ 3 provides an optimal protection. With the lid opened you can connect the ohmmeter with the ignition circuit and see the value on the display. We recommend leaving the device always in the...
€128.52 *
Digital Ohmmeter ZEB/DIZ
This is a portable combination device. It consists of both an ohmmeter for measuring circuit resistance and an insulation tester for measuring the insulation resistance of blasting circuits against ground (shunt resistance) with...
€1,082.90 *
Leather Bag for ZEB/DIZ
The leather bag for the ohmmeter ZEB/DIZ protects the device against damages. If you open the bag you can connect the device with the ignition circuit and can also the value on the display. We always recommend a bag for the device....
€128.52 *
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