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Work Gloves Waterproof
The gloves are characterized by an increased abrasion and resistance. Your hands are optimally protected against mechanical injuries and wetness. These work gloves are perfect for you when working with oily, greasy or wet objects....
€4.64 *
Work Gloves Thermo
These work gloves have very good insulation against the cold. Thanks to the latex coating on the palm, the gloves offer a secure grip. Moreover the gloves are partially water repellent. Product Information: - Coating: 2-times dipped in...
€6.66 *
Work Gloves Latex
These gloves offer you a comfortable fit. Even with wet objects, you have a good and secure grip due the latex-coated surface. Product Information: - Coating: Latex - Basic material: Nylon - Good Grip, good sense of touch - Certified to:...
€2.98 *
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Chemical Protective Glove Chemex
These waterproof gloves are resistant to a wide variety of chemicals, acids and solvents. The extra strong nitrile coating also achieves a high level of abrasion resistance. Product Information: - Coating: Nitrile (0.85 mm thick) - Basic...
€9.16 *
Arbeitshandschuhe Nitril Plus
Work Gloves Nitril Plus
Stitched work glove with high-quality nitrile coating. It offers protection against moisture and is grease and oil resistant. Product Information: - Coating: Nitrile - Basic material: Cotton - Certified to: EN 388:2016 (3111 X) -...
From €4.05 *
Work Gloves Basic
This elastic glove is an all-rounder despite its simple design. It offers good mobility and is oil and water repellent. Product Information: - Coating: Nitrile foam - Basic material: Polyester - Certified to: EN 388:2016 (3121 X) - Unit:...
€2.50 *
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