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002170 Ring Insulators with wood thread
The ring insulators with sturdy wooden thread are ideally suited for permanent installation of wires and cables (e.g. in tunnel construction site, etc.). Product Information: - Material: impact-resistant plastic - Screw: solid solid 6 mm...
Content 25 pcs
From €10.71 *
003010 Fuse Scissors
This scissors is perfect for clean and straight cutting of fuses. A positive aspect of the scissors is that you can replace the blunt blade. Product Information: - Material: steel - Dimensions: 19.5 x 4.5 x 2 cm - Klinenschneide: 4 cm -...
€33.26 *
003206 Side Cutting Pliers 160 mm Isolated
The side cutter is ideal for cutting hard wire. The cutting edges are induction hardened. The nickel and chrome coating ensures very high corrosion protection. Product Information: - Material: Steel, Plastic Handle - Certification:...
€24.40 *
004016 Marco-Horn with Compressed Air Can FCKW-free
It's a small, handy sized but very effective plastic warn signal that runs on compressed air can with 200 ml content. Sound level by 2 m distance > 111 dB(A), Frequency 520 Hz ± 5 %. Not inflammable, not toxic. In accordance with the EU...
€17.14 *
007080 WS Kombiwarnschild: "Gelände" 50 x 80 cm
Produktinformationen: - Art: Warnschild (Kombischild) - Material: Aluminium - Abmessungen: 50 x 80 cm - Ausführung: bedruckt - Lochung: ja - Gewicht: 0,900 kg
€38.68 *
005485 1 Blasting Protection Mat Dynastat UV
The mat is as light as a feather, antistatic and resistant to UV. The mat works with the balloon effect, the shockwave lifts the mat, the gases will leak through the mat and the grit will be caught softly. The correct calculated loading...
Content 112 Quadratmeter (€5.89 * / 1 Quadratmeter)
€659.26 *
001715 Expanding Explosive FRACT.AG
FRACT.AG is a ecofriendly expanding explosive, which can be used for both the careful separation of natural stone blocks in the quarry, as well as, in the context of special tasks, for the demolition of building parts or in sensitive...
Content 5 Kilogramm
From €50.58 *
001007 Wooden Carrier Box for Detonators
Made of impregnated multi-bonded wood, painted green outside, with carrying strap. Hinged lid, all edges of the box and the lid are reinforced with angle profiles. Hasp is lockable with a padlock. Interior equipment for 600 detonators...
€385.56 *
001008 Wooden Carrier Box for Detonators
Made of multi-bonded wood, yellow painted outside, with carrying handle. With a hinged lid for closing the box. All edges of the box and the lid are reinforced with angle profiles. Hasp is lockable with a padlock. The compartments can...
€324.87 *
001022 Charging Funnel for ANC Explosives
The aluminum funnel serves as an ideal filling aid for ANC explosives. It secures that even the last granule is filled safely into the borehole. In addition, the slipping of rock from the edge of the hole when filling the explosive is...
€177.31 *
001026 Brass Hook
With the hook, explosive cartridges can be gently inserted into vertical drill holes. As soon as the cartridge encounters resistance, due to its shape and weight distribution, the hook loosens easily and the line can be pulled up again....
€17.73 *
001050 Brass Screw Coupling
For connecting loading poles 001040- or 001140- or for fixing the hardwood inserts 50 mm Ø 001061 and 60 mm Ø 001062. In addition, the cartridge retriver 001064 can be attached to the loading stick with this screw coupling. The coupling...
€25.94 *
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