EcoBlast EB2 Signal Air Horn

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The EcoBlast EB2 signal horn is filled with compressed air via an air pump or a compressor.... more
Product information "EcoBlast EB2 Signal Air Horn"

The EcoBlast EB2 signal horn is filled with compressed air via an air pump or a compressor.
This makes them one of the most efficient and economical signaling devices for many areas.
It can be refilled using a standard tire valve, protecting the environment and your wallet.
There are no costs for the purchase of replacement cartridges or their disposal.
The EB2 can be taken anywhere, it even swims.
It is a perfect signaling device for many areas such as: blasting work, sport events, marine, boats, lifeguards, referees, industry and much more.

To refill, lift the operating lever to expose the standard car valve.
Then fill with compressed air using a compressor or similar.

- Refillable with compressed air
- Fast and easy filling with an air pump or compressor (tire valve)
- No propellant
- Powerful 115 dB signal with volume control
- Consistent
- Suitable for all weather
- Small and handy

Product Information:
- Material: Plastic
- Function: Pneumatic
- Volume: max. 115 dB (A)
- Maximum Pressure: 5,5 Bar
- Continuous Signal: about 15 Seconds (at 5,5 Bar)
- Short Signals: about 75 Signals of Approx. 1 Second (at 5,5 Bar)
- Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 6.5 cm
- Weight: 0.100 kg

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