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Cable Knife One-handed
The knife with integrated cable and wire cutter can be opened and closed simply with one hand. The 5 cm long blade is lockable and made of stainless steel. Thanks to the rubber surfaces embedded in the plastic handle, the knife always...
€11.31 *
Knife with Lockable Blade
This large knife with wooden handle and brass jaws is very sturdy. Included in delivery is a case with belt loop. Product Information: - Material: steel, wood, brass - Dimensions blade length: 10 cm - Dimensions (closed): 12 x 3 x 1.5 cm...
€16.18 *
6-Part Shotfirer's Knife
In addition to a small and a large blade, this pocket knife has four more practical devices. A thorn, a corkscrew, a bottle opener with a screwdriver and a can opener complete the functions of the pocket knife. Product Information: -...
€23.21 *
Singlehanded Knife
This small, sturdy knife with belt clip fits in any trouser pocket. It is very handy, because it is singlehanded. Product Information: - Material: steel, plastic - Blade Length: 7 cm - Dimensions (closed): 9 x 2 x 2 cm - Weight: 0.080 kg
€11.31 *
Shotfirer's Knife
This knife is equipped with a long, pointed pike blade, which is abel to lock in the opend position. The refinement of the blade with chrome makes it very resistant. The handles are made of sturdy plastic. The color may vary between red...
€16.18 *
Cable Knife
A practical knife, which is ideal for stripping cables and wires due to the integrated cable and wire cutter. The color of the plastic grips may vary between blue and black depending on availability. Product Information: - Material:...
€6.66 *
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Knife Olivio
This high quality knife (Made in Germany) has handels made of olive wood. Because of the stainless steel the knife is extremely sharp. Product Information: - Material: stainless steel, olive wood - single blade - Nlade Length: 9.0 cm -...
€69.02 *
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