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Two-Toned Horn, Brass
The signal horn is tuned to the h'-e" tone. The high-quality valve makes it easy to change the signal tones. The nickel-plated surface of the horn makes it a bit more resistant to contamination than conventional brass horns. Product...
€197.18 *
Tremolo-Trumpet Brass
The horn is painted black and the triggers are nickel plated made of injection molding. The replaceable mouthpiece is made of plastic. Product Information: - Material: Brass, Painted Black - Length: 40 cm - Tunes: h ', h' - cis ", cis" -...
€248.95 *
Signal Horn Brass 28 cm
The small, handy horn produces a very powerful sound despite its size. Product Information: - Material: Brass, Polished - Length: 28 cm - Tune: cis '' - Shape: Straight - Weight: 0.150 kg
€70.92 *
004051 1
Signal Flags
Signal flags with a round wood stick. The signal flags are ideally suited to give optical signals. Product information of the colors red and green (004050, 004052): - Material: Wood, Cotton Fabric - Dimensions: Wooden Round stick, about...
€15.35 *
Air Horn with Electric 12 Volt Compressor
The horn, powered by a 12V compressor, can be mounted in engine compartments on the vehicle roof. With the IP65 protected compressor and the relay it is possible to connect it via the vehicle electronics. The scope of supply includes...
€229.43 *
Whistle, Colored Plastic
With this shrill whistle, each security guard and helper is equipped with an effective signaling device. Product Information: - Colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Black (subject to availability) - Material: Plastic - Weight: 0.010 kg
€1.79 *
Pumpe für EcoBlast Signal Air Horn
Pump for EcoBlast Signal Air Horn
This pump makes it easy to refill the EcoBlast signal devices. Product information: - Material: plastic - Weight: 0.050 kg
€16.18 *
Replacement Voice for Horn 004004
Exactly suitable for the brass horn with the article number 004004 is this replacement part. Product Information: - Material: Brass - Tune: g ' - Dimensions: 4.5 cm Long, 1.7 cm Ø - Weight: 0.010 kg
€17.02 *
Replacement Membrane for 4020
A replacement membrane suitable for the compressed air Makrofon. Product Information: - Weight: 0.015 kg
€22.85 *
Replacement Voice for Horn 004101
Exactly suitable for the brass horn with the article number 004101 is this replacement part. Product Information: - Material: brass - Key: cis " - Dimensions: 4.5 cm long, 1 cm Ø - Weight: 0.010 kg
€17.02 *
Replacement Mouth Piece for Horn 004101
This replacement mouthpiece is suitable for the brass horn 004101. Product Information: - Material: brass - Dimensions: 6 cm long, 1.5 cm Ø - Weight: 0.020 kg
€15.83 *
The ideal tool if an announcement is to reach a large crowd. The megaphone can be used as a shoulder or handheld device. A siren function attracts the attention of the audience. With the recording function, it is possible to record for...
€105.91 *
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