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Replacement Voice for Horn 004000
Exactly suitable for the brass horn with the article number 004000 is this replacement part. Product Information: - Material: Brass - Tune: fis' - Dimensions: 4.5 cm long, 1.7 cm Ø - Weight: 0.010 kg
€17.02 *
004051 1
Signal Flags
Signal flags with a round wood stick. The signal flags are ideally suited to give optical signals. Product information of the colors red and green (004050, 004052): - Material: Wood, Cotton Fabric - Dimensions: Wooden Round stick, about...
€14.99 *
EcoBlast EB2 Signal Air Horn
The EcoBlast EB2 signal horn is filled with compressed air via an air pump or a compressor. This makes them one of the most efficient and economical signaling devices for many areas. It can be refilled using a standard tire valve,...
€44.98 *
Whistle, Colored Plastic
With this shrill whistle, each security guard and helper is equipped with an effective signaling device. Product Information: - Colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Black (subject to availability) - Material: Plastic - Weight: 0.010 kg
€1.79 *
Compressed Air Makrofon 404 Hz
The effective signal gadget works with compressed air: industrial compressed-air line, compressor, compressed air line from the vehicle. The additionally available mechanical valve (004021) enables to make audible Morse codes and...
€442.68 *
Starkton-Schrillpfeife aus Messing
Whistle, brass
The whistle with a shrilling ball is made of nickel-plated brass. Product Description: - Material: Brass, Nickel-Plated - Length: 45 mm - Weight: 0,037 kg
€7.74 *
Pumpe für EcoBlast Signal Air Horn
Pump for EcoBlast Signal Air Horn
This pump makes it easy to refill the EcoBlast signal devices. Product information: - Material: plastic - Weight: 0.050 kg
€16.18 *
Two-Toned Horn, Brass
The signal horn is tuned to the h'-e" tone. The high-quality valve makes it easy to change the signal tones. The nickel-plated surface of the horn makes it a bit more resistant to contamination than conventional brass horns. Product...
€197.18 *
Tremolo-Trumpet Brass
The horn is painted black and the triggers are nickel plated made of injection molding. The replaceable mouthpiece is made of plastic. Product Information: - Material: Brass, Painted Black - Length: 40 cm - Tunes: h ', h' - cis ", cis" -...
€248.95 *
Replacement Covering Mouthpart for 4005 and 4006
Replacement covering mouthpart made of plastic. The replacement mouthpiece is suitable for the two-tone horn 004005 and the tremolo trumpet 004006. Product Information: - Material: Plastic - Color: Black - Dimensions: 4 cm Long, 1.5 cm Ø...
€3.57 *
Replacement Voice for Horn 004004
Exactly suitable for the brass horn with the article number 004004 is this replacement part. Product Information: - Material: Brass - Tune: g ' - Dimensions: 4.5 cm Long, 1.7 cm Ø - Weight: 0.010 kg
€17.02 *
Replacement Membrane for 4020
A replacement membrane suitable for the compressed air Makrofon. Product Information: - Weight: 0.015 kg
€22.85 *
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